Step On Leash™
The ONE Exercise You Need To Start Helping Your Reactive Dog!
In just a few days, most of the dogs will start learning to relax and self-soothe by using my #1 “go-to method” for helping reactive dogs learn to calm themselves.

It works for ALL my clients to date.
All it takes is a little practice.
Inside the “Step On Leash Foundation” course you’ll discover…

Teaching your dog to relax by creating frustrating circumstances on purpose. My clients are always amazed how, after just a few days of consistent practice, their dog goes from a state of reaction to flopping on the ground in relaxed sleep in a matter of minutes.

Why in most cases, you should not touch, talk to, or even look at your dog during this leash exercise. Why completely ignoring your dog, even if they bark, whine, or otherwise beg for your attention is potentially the key to helping your dog unlock his ability to self-soothe.

Why “boring” could be another word for success. Why predictability is your best friend when helping your reactive dog learn to relax through high-stress situations.

How to recognize the subtle signals that your dog is ready to fall asleep. It’s mainly in the hips and eyes and is could be the perfect preparation for a walk, especially in highly reactive dogs.

How to finally give your dog a chance to emotionally recover from the trauma that causes his outbursts. Most owners interrupt the healing process not realizing they are causing the fear and reactivity to build up even more.

When NEVER to remove your dog’s leash. This seemingly unimportant task of removing the leash-if done at the wrong time-could potentially wipe out the progress you made during the “step on leash” exercise.

The bizarre yet powerful parallel between sleep training a human baby and Step On Leash™ exercises. It could give you the courage to stick with these exercises for maximum results.

And much more!

Step On Leash foundation course will be delivered to Fair Love Dog Training App in your phone, where you will gain access to this course as well as other training materials.

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Yes, smartphones are required.

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"We just completed our first week practicing the step on leash and honestly, WOW.

Oatly has made huge improvements!

I’m so happy I did your step on leash course. I can see Oatly's behavior is much calmer when we’re outside, when he is left at home alone, and at group training."

Lacrisha G
- Client

After about 2 weeks of Step On Leash™, someone without prior knowledge of the exercise and who hadn't seen my dog for 2 weeks commented that [my dog] seemed calmer and less fearful while in public.

Step On Leash™ builds upon itself and we are still practicing it daily because it is so easy. "
Joanne C
- Client
Bonus Course Included:

Step On Leash™ Advanced Course ($99 Value)
Recording of a Live Training Session with Dog Owners

What's the Next Step Once You Mastered Step On Leash™ Foundation?

Doggie Bed or No Doggie Bed

Additional questions being answered during this recorded live training session

Chinchillas? Chickens? Cats? Check!

Having a disability?

Utilize Step On Leash™ when dining outside

Utilize Step On Leash™ for crate training

Utilize Step On Leash™ when work from home

Having an appt with your therapist? Bring Your Dog!

How to help your dog if they're... wait... RACIST?

How she successfully obedience trained her dog yet still struggling.

Dog owners sharing their experience with Step On Leash™ and Grace's training styles.

Tips on car anxiety

Surprising ways to solve behavioral challenges

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  • * Why holding your leash the way most people do is potentially dangerous. This “90 degree” secret takes you out of harm’s way in most cases when your dog suddenly bolts or lunges.

  • * The appropriate circumstances for allowing your dog to get off leash and run away from you. No, it doesn’t mean you're a bad doggie parent. It could actually save your dog from being seriously injured.

* A surprisingly simple “core” exercise for restraining your dog when they get suddenly reactive. This has been especially effective for my clients who have a large or heavy dog.

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